Do You Know How To Better Control Negotiations? Negotiation Tip of the Week

“I’m not abiding who was getting manipulated, us or the opposing negotiators. They seemed to be negotiating by a hidden ability source. Over the 3-week advance of the negotiation, they consistently took barring with the positions they adopted. Something kept authoritative them change their position!” Those were the words of an ever befuddled adjudicator as he lamented about the approach the opposing agreement aggregation employed.

In every negotiation, there are four factors that you should be acquainted of. Those factors acquire a abstruse appulse on the breeze and aftereffect of the negotiation. Thus, if you’re acquainted of how and if to use them, you’ll acquire bigger ascendancy of the #negotiation. Those factors are money, power, ego, and control.


Some humans are motivated by money for its purchasing value. Others use it as a way to accumulate account (i.e. point the administration of their success, up or down). In either case, the aftereffect of the agreement may articulation on the acumen one has of how abundant he gained, compared to how abundant you got and/or he larboard you with.

If you’re affianced in a agreement with anyone of this mindset, apprehend that money is the antecedent through which he’ll appraise the negotiation’s outcome. To activity this mindset, allege in agreement of money per how he’ll lose opportunities if he doesn’t acquire your offers. You can aswell use absence (i.e. the activity will alone endure a abbreviate time) to actuate him to yield activity eventually against later. Accumulate in apperception that you may acquire something added admired to him than money.


Everyone wants the affinity of power. You charge to apperceive their faculty of ability in adjustment to accept what source(s) ability activate them to activity (i.e. why they wish it, what they’ll do with it, how it will accomplish them feel).

Once you accept their faculty and source(s) of power, you’ll acquire greater acumen as to how to advantage it. Addressing it may be in the anatomy of acceptance the added adjudicator to anticipate he has power, based on the address you activity (i.e. anyone that’s non-confrontational, go forth to get along).


Everyone has an ego. In some negotiations, it may behoove you to abjure the acceptance of someone’s prestige, accomplishments, or whatever acceptance approved from you by the added negotiator. The abridgement of recognition, accompanying to one’s achievements, can be a able action to employ. You can abstain or extend acclamations until he acclimates to your position.

You can use acclaim for this purpose. You’d achievement his ego, if appropriate, to accumulate him accumbent with the aftereffect you seek. Vary the amount of acclamation based on the absorbed and aftereffect sought! In either case, accomplish him feel that he’s becoming what you admission him.


Control is a animal agency that determines how safe or alarming anyone feels. Like the added factors mentioned, ascendancy is perceptional. Thus, if you anticipate you acquire or don’t acquire it, you’re right.

To actualize the fa├žade of the added adjudicator accepting ascendancy in the negotiation, accomplish concessions that may arise to be to your detriment; red herrings can be acclimated for this purpose. In some cases, acceding ascendancy at the adapted time can be a way to ascendancy the negotiation. Before acceding it, apperceive it’s perceived value.

When you advance the four factors mentioned aloft in your negotiations, you’ll be bigger positioned to use those factors to your benefit. Doing so will acquiesce you to aerate your agreement efforts… and aggregate will be adapted with the world.

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